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On this page the aim is to have a laugh and enjoy improving one's memory with games and quizzes of different sorts.
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Einstein's Chauffeur
Did you know that Einstein's chauffeur had a particularly good memory?  Read on ..........

One day Einstein was being driven to a city hall where he was to give a lecture .  He was tired and rather bored with having given this lecture so many times before. 
"I've heard you give that lecture dozens of times," said the chauffeur, "why don't I give it tonight instead of you?  We actually look rather alike and probably no-one will notice."
So they changed jackets and hats and the chauffeur gave the lecture and even answered several questions quite adequately. 
Then a man who was obviously a professor of astrophysics or some such subject asked a very long and complicated question to which the chauffeur listened carefully.
When the man sat down, the chauffeur didn't blink.
He said, "Sir, your question is so simple that I am going to ask my chauffeur who is sitting at the back of the hall to answer it........."


This is a cartoon from the book 'Wake up your Memory' Cartoon


                          Remember what we said about Awareness?

A dog which won first prize for "Keen intelligence and unquestionable obedience" in a pet show in Shendai, Japan, turned out to be stuffed.
"Of course the dog's obedient - it's dead," exclaimed a furious runner-up.
But the dog's owner refused to return the 1000 prize, insisting, "Nobody said the pets had to be alive."

(As seen in The Week's column, It must be true, I read it in the tabloids)


How's Your Maths?

Q:  It takes a clock 5 seconds to strike 5,
how long does it take it to strike 10?

Answer on the Answers Page, but do have a go at it first before looking.  It's not 10 seconds, and it's not a trick question.

Q:  A man (or woman) drives to work at 20 miles per hour and returns home at 30 mph.  What is his (her) average speed?

Answer on Answers page.  It's not 25mph.


Three engineers in a car try to remember their training in Troubleshooting

An electrical engineer, a chemical engineer and a Microsoft engineer are driving along together in a car when it breaks down.
They discuss what the problem might be, and the electrical engineer decides it must be an electrical fault. They check the electrics and ignition system, but the car won't start.
"It must be the gas mixture, " says the chemist. They check the carb. and air filter, but the car still won't start.
"I know" says the Microsoft engineer. "We need to close the window, get out, get back in, re-open the window and re-start the engine."

And it worked!!

(As seen on Andy Darvill's Science Site)


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