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The aim of this site is to offer basic and easily followed advice on how to improve your memory - You can certainly do it.
It is hoped that the site may be enhanced by the inclusion of material offered by visitors through e-mail to the memoryImprovement site.

  • The site content  is based on a course on Memory Improvement given annually at a College Summer School in England and on the book 'Wake Up Your Memory'.
    No jargon is used, and the only memory techniques offered here are those which over the years have proved easily learnt and useful to the varied students attending the course.

  • The material  divides up the basic memory process into three parts (Awareness, Storage and Retrieval) and explains how to improve each aspect on a day to day basis.

  • There seems little doubt that unless you are ill, it is always possible to improve the workings of your memory, and the most effective way of doing this is to work your brain hard, not necessarily at remembering things, but by doing any sort of mental work which stretches the mind. 
    Good examples of this are: 
    Games such as Bridge, Chess, Go, Scrabble.
    Reading challenging books and self-checking to make sure you have taken in and thought about the content.
    Crossword puzzles, particularly the cryptic type.
    General Knowledge quizzes which make you search for knowledge - possibly learnt long ago.      
    Any course of study or activity which is mentally demanding.

  • Bad for the memory:   Leading an easy life with no challenges.

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