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Title and Author Publisher and ISBN Description Buy from Logo on White Background
Wake up your Memory by Susan Higginson

Wake up your Memory Cover

The Forge Press 1993   
  ISBN 0 952 1328 0 X 
96 pages

'A Concise and Practical Guide to Improving your Memory'.This covers all the important ways of memory improvement, and divides up the material into manageable chunks iinterspersed with quizzes, cartoons and specified 'Things to do'. Order SusanHigginson's Wake up your Memory Today!
Your Memory: How it works and How to Improve It
by Kenneth Higbee

Your Memory Cover

Marlowe and Company
ISBN 156924801X

265 pages

'Your Memory' is a practical and realistic guide that will help you expand your memory abilities beyond what you thought possible. Simple techniques can be incorporated into everyday life which greatly improve memory. Order Kenneth Higbee's Your Memory - How it works and How to Improve It Today!
Brain Fitness: Anti-Aging Strategies for Achieving a SuperMind
by Robert Goldman,Ronald Klatz, Lisa Berger

Brain Fitness Cover

Anchor Publishing
ISBN 0385488696
240 pages
Highly recommended by several readers Order Robert Goldman,Ronald Klatz,Lisa Berger's Brain Fitness Today!
How to Improve Your Memory
by Robert Leach
National Extension College
ISBN 0003223655
94 pages
Order Robert Leach's How to Improve Your Memory Today!
Harry Lorayne's Page
a Minute Memory Book
Ballantine Books
US Edition
ISBN 03454 10149
This is a very big seller Order Harry Lorayne's Page a Minute Memory Book Today!
Strengthen Your Memory
by Michael Fidlow.
Foulsham 1991.        
 ISBN 0-572-01609-3   
128 pages 
Sub-titled 'A Self Improvement Course' it lives up to its title, and covers all the ground.  Order Michael Fidlow's Strengthen Your Memory Today!
Committed to Memory
by Rebecca Rupp

Committed to Memory Cover

Published by Aurum Press 1998.    
ISBN 1-85410-592-2  
331 pages
Sub-titled 'How We Remember and Why We Forget', this is a work of scholarship by a PhD in cell biology.  It is presented in a very engaging way and is highly recommended to those interested in how the brain works as well as just how to improve your memory.
Order Rebecca Rupp's Committed to Memory Today!
How to Cure your Memory Failures 
by Douglas J Herrmann
and Michael Gruneberg

How To Cure Your Memory Failures Cover
Published in UK by Blandford 1999
ISBN 0 7137 2803 5    
128 pages
This book is different in that it takes as its starting point the mistakes in memory made by the authors and explains how such mistakes occur Order Douglas Herrmann, Michael Gruneberg's How to Cure your Memory Failures Today!


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